“We will do our best to conserve the limited energy resources through recycling oil for sustainable developments to make this earth a pleasant place to live in.”


It is our vision to be a trusted market leader in the conversion of recovered waste product to energy and byproducts through minimizing landfill and delivery of innovative solutions.


CIC Environmental Services Sdn Bhd (CIC) was incorporated in 1997, specializing in hydrocarbon and hazardous waste management services to various industries in Negara Brunei Darussalam including Oil and Gas Companies, public and private sectors and other industries. With over 20 years of experience, CIC is one of the leading professional waste management companies listed under the Ministry of Development and Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe).

CIC constantly maintains strict compliance with all local government guidelines and relevant regulatory requirements, assuring the highest level of standards and waste liability protection to our customer. We tailor made our solutions based on customer's needs, which include the optimal transportation services, treatment efficiency and cost management.

Our local in-house experts apply their technical and laboratory proficiencies to characterize each waste for the appropriate treatment and disposal methodologies. This helps to ensure the safety of our customer’s personnel, reputation and local community.

Example of our innovative solution is our proprietary effluent water treatment system, DECORE®, which is capable of treating chemical entrained water, and our newly invested state- of-the-art equipment, Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner (TCC®), which is capable of treating oil contaminated drilling waste in an environmentally friendly and safe manner. It efficiently convert hazardous waste into value products such as recovered base oil, water and dry solid, which may be directly recycled. We have plans to enhance our service capabilities in the areas of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMS), Mercury entrained waste and certain medical waste.

As of February 2019 the company holds an ISO14001 accreditation on Environmental Management System as well as the ISO 45001 certification on Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.

CIC Brunei ISO accrediation Environmental Management System: ISO 14001
CIC Brunei ISO accrediation Environmental Management System: ISO 14001


In delivering our promise, CIC is committed to further enhance our LBD program both in term of local employment and local content. Our goal is to maintain a minimum of 90% of the total local employment throughout our operations. Our current local staff strength is 97% and ‘in country’ value for our recurring operating expenditures is 86%. We provide the Work and Training Program, including on-the-job training experience, and recruit locals with appropriate qualifications and experience from entry-level to skilled supervisor and management.

As of May 2019, CIC’s employs 134 individuals in total of which 97% are local Bruneians. We currently employ 9 Bruneians in Managerial positions, 18 positions are occupied by Highly Skilled Bruneians, 84 positions are occupied by Skilled local Bruneians, 19 positions are occupied by legal/admin/accounts and also we have 4 lower skilled local employees which results in only 4 employees being of foreign origin.

CIC Brunei team, key employee statistics


CIC Brunei Board of Directors, directors, secretary


CIC Brunei Management Team

CIC’s Environmental Services Sdn Bhd
No 6, Jalan Carey, Kuala Belait, KA1931
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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ISO 14001:2015 Bureau Veritas Certification & ISO 45001:2018 Bureau Veritas Certification


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