Turning waste into valuable resources!
VacuDry® technology – worldwide leading solutions.

VacuDry® offers the leading solution to recover resources from industrial wastes. Our aim is to avoid the elimination of waste through incineration and landfilling, but to achieve a resource-conserving material recycling instead. In regards to emissions carbon footprint, fuel consumption and health & safety conditions, no other technology can match this distillation systems.

The VacuDry® technology is the unique solution to solving their waste management issues in an economically sound and sustainable way.

Greatest Benefits of VacuDry® Technology
  • Highly efficient thermal desorption is achieved due to a unique vacuum and indirect thermal oil heating system.
  • Recovery of valuable resources rather than incineration or landfilling.
  • Highest safety and environmental protection standards – due to the vacuum process, nitrogen blanketing and full procedure control.
  • Lowest emission of any desorber type – due to the vacuum system, activated charcoal filter and thermal oil heating system.
  • ATEX certified technology, approved by German TUV.
  • Design standards according to EN, ASME, GOST-R or individual specification.
  • Flexible plant design, also for on-site remediation.