CIC Organic Compost

What is CIC Organic Compost?

CIC Organic Compost is a soil-like substance made up of a mixture of decayed and decaying organic matter that improves soil structure and provides nutrients for plants.

It is made up of organic materials (such as agricultural waste and green waste) that has been properly processed

Quality Assurance

For quality assurance, we have compiled regulations and recommendations from a number of international organizations such as the United States Composting Council, British Standards Institution, and US Environmental Protection Agency.

These international guidelines provide quality assurance protocols for the physical, chemical, and biological condition of compost. Each batch of compost from CIC undergoes immediate pathogen testing which helps ensure that CIC Organic Compost is safe to use and free of pathogens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to have bugs in my compost?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to have bugs inside your compost – these are considered physical decomposers and will help to continue to break down decaying matter and make organic matter and nutrients available to plants.

Does compost expire?

Compost doesn’t expire – it does the opposite, the longer you let your compost cure, the more organic matter and nutrients become available. Just ensure that your compost is stored properly to prevent the compost from “going bad”.

Why can't I plant directly in compost?

Compost is considered a soil amendment, is very nutrient rich, and can burn new plants – mixing it into topsoil is a better way of incorporating compost into gardens/ potted plants.

How much compost do I need?

Generally, you can never add too much compost to your garden. Although it depends o the type of plants and the original soil condition, it is generally recommended to add 1-3 inches of compost to your garden every season.