Waste Management Services

Waste Water Treatment

Our main strength is waste water due to the contamination during cleaning or flushing activities at many industrial sites operation locations. Our waste water treatment plant (WWTP) in CIC is comprises of DECORE Technology, Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) process and Bioreactors. DECORE is CIC very own technology based on electro chemical and mechanical separation. This technology is mostly utilised for chemically entrained water or complex water. DAF process is most reliable in treating oily water, separating contaminants from water through aeration process. CIC’s WWTP can act as a direct treatment for most shipment or as post treatment to centrifuge and TCC. Processed water are sampled and analysed to ensure that they are safe to be disposed with minimum environment impact.

Service Expertise
  • DECORE Technology
    CIC’s proprietary waste water treatment system is designed to treat effluent water by means of electrolysis and mechanical processes. DECORE separates chemical and complex contaminants and generates industrial grade water.
  • Dissolved Air Floating (DAF) Technology
    DAF is a clarification system which generates micro bubbles that adhere to incoming solids and float them to the water surface for removal. DAF removes oil and grease, suspended solids, hydrocarbon emulsions and many other contaminants from waste water.
  • Bioreactor
    The bioreactor enhances the water condition via an aeration system.