Waste Management Services

Tank Cleaning

We provide tank cleaning services compliant with the highest international health, safety and environmental standards. By utilizing advanced tank cleaning technologies and equipment, we able to resolve and provide solution to the customers. We have extensive professional experience executing tank cleaning projects of different technical complexity by improving the efficiency of tank cleaning, cost- effectiveness, minimize environmental impact, while maximize worker safety.

Tank cleaning operations and services includes:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Hydraulic Washing
  • Conventional Method (Man-Entry) – Final Cleaning
  • Desludging
  • Vacuum Tanker
  • Skips
Key Benefits (Steaming and Hydraulic Washing)
  • Non-man entry, no emission, no chemical or additional of crude used, no risk of explosion.
  • Minimal quantity of solid sediments to be utilized.
  • Almost 100% oil recovery.
  • Complete neutralization of pyrophoric compounds.
  • Increase efficiency of tank cleaning and desludging processes: cleaning and recovery performed simultaneously.
  • Minimal tank downtime against conventional method.
  • Cost effective.