Waste Management Services

Collection & Transportation

Collection of waste directly from client enables immediate transfer of liabilities to CIC including emergency preparation and journey management. Transports and vehicle operators are certified and compliance to safety standards. Depending on customers’ requirement and the nature of the waste, CIC offers best solutions from the perspectives of both transportation efficiency and cost management. Upon request from customers, waste can be collected from client’s designated location and delivered to one of CIC’s Waste Management and Treatment Plants located in Kuala Belait and Seria.

Depending on the type and volume, waste is generally stored in containments such as bottles, drums, pails and IBCs and transported using High Bed Trailer or Hiab Trucks. Liquid or slurry waste such as waste water, waste oil and sludge can be collected directly from clients’ storage via vacuum tanker. CIC operates the fleet of transportation services in partnership with a well established logistic company that have a number of 14m³ and 28m³ Vacuum Tankers, Hiab Trucks, 20’ and 40’ Trailers as well as Heavy Lift Cranes that are readily available in Brunei Darussalam.