New Update

MYEC Event

Brunei’s Mid-Year Conference and Exhibition has made a come back in the year 2022, hosting and showcasing experts and entrepreneur leaders that have established their companies within Brunei Darussalam and all over the world. The exhibition will be showcasing five fields held throughout 5 consecutive weeks, which includes an Islamic week, Digital Technology week, Energy week, Climate Change week and Economy week. The main theme for each week is “Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable Economic Growth – Brunei Darussalam Perspective” and it includes several symposiums, forums and conferences with various speakers from companies all around Brunei to share business strategies and assist small to medium enterprises in widening their business connections.  

CIC Environmental Services Sdn. Bhd. has been given the opportunity to be a part of this year’s MYCE Event, where our Managing Director, Daniel Wong, was one of the panel speakers for Energy Week’s SME Opportunities in Sustainable Energy and Solutions’ forum, alongside Head of the Sustainable Energy Division at the Department of Energy at the Prime Minister’s Office, Noor Dina Zharina binti Haji Yahya, and BIBD’s Chief Financial Officer, Tan Pheng Leong.  

The speakers have shared their contributions within their field in promoting sustainable energies and solutions within Brunei Darussalam as well as giving advice on how SMEs would be able to contribute as well with the benefits, incentives, funding and support provided by authorities, financial institutions and energy players.  

CIC also took part under Economy week’s exhibition booth, showcasing our business development towards a more sustainable economy, which ties to our mission and vision in being a trusted market leader in the conversion of recovered waste product to energy and byproducts through minimizing landfill and delivery of innovative solutions, to make this earth a pleasant place to live in.  Our booth displays existing services ranging from hazardous waste management to industrial cleaning and mechanical services, new project developments like the CIC organic compost project that CIC has been collaborating with the Brunei government in tackling chicken waste and converting it into usable products, as well as briefly revealing CIC’s future facility developments and services into DARe’s Pekan Belait Industrial Site and Sg Liang Industrial Park.